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Resources for Teaching Online

This guide offers videos, links, and literature to help HC faculty incorporate library resources in their Blackboard courses. It also provides information about other useful software to enhance the online learning experience.

PPT - What is Information Literacy? PowerPoint Presentation, free download  - ID:877750

Bottom line, information literacy creates learners for life.


What is Credo Instruct:

Credo Instruct is a set of online videos, tutorials, and quizzes covering information literacy. Your library has subscribed to Instruct and it is free for you and students to use, on campus or off.

The resource aims to:

  • Help students learn how to find relevant and reliable library and other research materials
  • Formulate appropriate, workable research questions
  • Synthesize what they learn into a final product such as a research paper, including citations that are apt for their field

Wondering how Instruct works in real-life classrooms? This brief case study illustrates how Teri Catanio, an instructor and Director of the Career Center at Cairn University,PA, used Instruct to increase her students' research and writing abilities--the gains were immediate and persisted long-term, making the professor's work easier and the students more successful.


"How can Instruct help you and your students? 
► Teach students essential foundational skills that will help them throughout their academic and professional careers
► Enhance instruction of with engaging multimedia
► Customize content to your classroom and configure delivery through your Learning Management System
► Provide integrated assessments
► Maintain accreditation requirements with standards-aligned content (AAC&U, ACRL)
► Free up classroom time to focus on more discipline-specific content"

Learn more here:

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